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We would like to introduce you to the Companion Concept Program for training dogs. It is an assessment based program that takes into account your dog's unique level of drives, breed instincts and temperament. Then, we take a look at the goals you have set for the dog. From there we will put a training plan together. We can arrange sessions at a time that is convenient for you.


The bond you have with your pet is a powerful training tool. There are many ways to open the doors of communication. The secrets of great training can be fun and exciting to learn.

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Our Canine Blog "Paws Up!"

March 2018

In this blog I'd like to mention the 'drives' in your dog. Some dogs are referred to as high drive. This can be confusing. There are a few drives that dogs have such as sex, prey and play. There are other components called traits that help make up the personality or temperament. For today we will stick with drives. It could be that your dog is an energetic animal and someone has coined him or her 'high drive.' When a dog likes to chase another dog or chase moving things like bikes or cars, they have a higher prey drive than some dogs. Those that have a high prey drive and social attraction to humans (its handler) and enough self-discipline to stay to task, can be taught assignments like chasing and returning a ball, frisbee or stick. Working dogs before they are trained are tested for drives, instincts and traits. You have to study the topic of 'drives' to start to understand how to motivate your dog to go beyond basic communication and obedience training. Always play with your dog.  Through interaction you find out who she or he really is. In time you will learn to anticipate responses to each activity. Till next time.

Dennis M. Brunton