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We would like to introduce you to the Companion Concept Program for training dogs. It is an assessment based program that takes into account your dog's unique level of drives, breed instincts and temperament. Then, we take a look at the goals you have set for the dog. From there we will put a training plan together. We can arrange sessions at a time that is convenient for you.


The bond you have with your pet is a powerful training tool. There are many ways to open the doors of communication. The secrets of great training can be fun and exciting to learn.

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April 2018

                                          Spring Has Sprung

This month I'd like to write about the dangers that lay on the ground waiting for your pet to come along and take notice. Now that the snow is starting to leave and exposing the barren ground, the earth's surface is covered with discarded food, dead animals and other toxic substances that can make your dog ill, or worse. 

Dogs are scavengers and will seek out smelly things that are there on the ground in front of them.

When walking your dog on a leash take notice of your dog's interest in what's on the ground. If they seem to be searching for things, discourage them, then distract them by playing with a toy or get the dog focused on the dogs at the doggy park and encourage them to go play. While the dog is distracted, remove any hazards. You may have to look into 'muzzle use.'

There are different types of muzzles and they can keep your dog from eating things that are harmful to them. They can be used when dealing with barking and biting as well. An experienced trainer can show you how to use the muzzle properly with each scenario.

Till next time.

Dennis M. Brunton